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When we meet someone for the first time, we make assumptions to get in contact.

How can we find out what the other person identifies with and create a joyful and bracing experience? With "Beware", we can have a pleasant experience to know each other for the first time without talking about sensitive personal issues to the strangers. My colleague and I, we created this idea, concept, prototype, and plan for presentation within 3 hours at the Adobe Creative Jam in Berlin.

Adobe Creative Jam Berlin 2019


Understanding Users, creation of prototypes, conception, ideation




Jakob von Kietzell

Idea & Concept

The topic given to us was "Unknown identity". First, we did brainstorming about identities and situations of unknown identities. After that, we decided to focus on how can users have a pleasant experience to know each other for the first time without talking about sensitive personal issues.

User journey & Prototype

After that, we imagine about User journey. How can users use our product? We acted several times like as users and made a quick prototype based on our user journey.

My colleague designed about phone screen and I designed smart-watch.

Our concept includes many kinds of identities. Therefore, users can choose which identities and topics can represent themselves. In the application, users choose which topics are sensitive topics with them and which topics they would like to have a conversation with strangers for small talk.

The app is linked to smart-watch. When users meet someone who has the same application, the smart-watch sends a signal through vibrations. And smart-watches show the sensitive issues of another person that users should beware for small conversations with each other.

Users shake smart-watches and exchange fun personal topics for conversation at the same time. Based on these topics, users can get to know each other without uncomfortable.

Based on interesting personal topics, users have small talk. If topics are not in common or need new topics for conversation, users can shake their smart-watch one more time. And the application suggests other topics.

Creating and presenting a new product in less than three hours is a stressful situation, but it was a more exciting experience with my colleague and Design Thinking method.


In the end, every team had to make a presentation. And to effectively show the user's journey, we did the presentation as a role play.







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