Branding & UX/UI design

It is not easy to pick up children everyday from kindergarten/school. Nowadays parents often have difficulties or little time to pick up their children. “Bring” helps parents to pick up their children. With “Bring” parents can connect with other parents to support each other.

Short-term project at HTW Berlin


Creation of prototypes, service design, conception



Ideas, user survey, and prototypes

During the course, I worked together with two other students. We interviewed parents, found out about their needs, and developed a prototype as a possible solution within four days. After the course, I realised the design of the “Bring” application prototype.

Parents & challenges

Our target user group is parents with kindergarteners, they are working every day and at the same time have to pick up their kids from kindergarten. Through interviews, we were able to identify themes of parents' interest. From inspiring topics, we decided to focus on "Social exchange between parents."

Programme for children

Social pressure

Social exchange between parents

Smartphone with kids


Buying groceries

Working parents with kindergartners (users) want to social exchange with other parents naturally (need). However, they are already busy with their daily tasks, like to bring or pick up their kids, which is already a challenge to them (insight).

How might we help...
parents to know each other naturally and
at the same time to support each other?


There is a proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. One or two parents take care of a child is not enough.
Therefore, how might we help parents to know each other naturally and at the same time to support each other?

"Bring" supports parents to pick up or bring their kids from the kindergarten/school.
At the same time, through "Bring," parents get to know each other about other parents from a near neighbor.




In the "Calendar", yellow circles mean that the user's family brings all children home or to school. The blue circles mean that another family will pick up the children of the user.

In "Group" the user can communicate with other parents and retrieve the contact information.

After the user saves the family information in the app, the location shows other families who live nearby and whose children attend the same school.







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