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DiaperID is an AI digital stool color analysis for newborn babies to improve the outcome of rare liver diseases.

The color of a newborn baby's stool is an essential indicator of newborn liver diseases. Especially the first month is crucial for a newborn baby to check out rare liver diseases. Still, it is not easy to determine the strange stool color from parents or general health care providers. With DiaperID, take a stool picture and share it. In a second, DiaperID checks the baby's health.


Supporting the realization of the inventor’s idea by AI & Human-centered design perspective, create concepts & prototypes


Philipp, Chirs, Lucas, Khaled, and Kirsten


Accelerator & Designer


Stiftung Charité, Fuenfwerken Design AG


6 days






"With first baby and the first month is overwhelmed to me. I got many flyers about the baby's health, it is hard to remember exactly about newborn screening."

"I feel that doctor is busy, so I am not sure to sharing baby's stool picture."

"Parents already really well informed about newborn screening"

Interaction between Stakeholders


DiaperID (the previous name is Sophie) connects with parents, health care providers, and other user groups.
We thought about what can be a benefit of DiaperID for each stakeholder and how stakeholders can support DiaperID.

Confusion matrix


Using images of stool, we got a basic deep learning image classifier. Based on this matrix, we thought about the user perspective, what if AI analyzes wrong, what can happen to users, and how we can prevent or prepare those situations.

Competitor Research

Current newborn screening is blood testing for metabolic diseases, which cannot be tested quickly in critical weeks for a newborn baby (first, second, fourth, and six weeks). DiaperID is possible to do simple testing with one photo each week.

Medical Journey Mapping


Feedback from testing


The Key takeaway is that finding a balance between not being too child-oriented and not being too serious/clinical-looking.

Concept of Design


DiaperID got inspiration from a yellow book in Germany in which every newborn baby has it. For this reason, and based on strong wishes from inventors, the logo design also shows a similar yellow book.


For parents, the app's background color is yellow like a yellow book, and for health care providers, the app's background color is green. The green color shows still health issues and, at the same time, gives a warm feeling to users compared with blue color. Different background screen color helps users; if users click the wrong button for login, they can quickly recognize it.




The main user for DiaperID App are parents and healthcare providers. As parents' perspectives, when they have a newborn baby, they get informed about DiaperID in newborn screening flyer. When parents scan the QR code from a yellow book, DiaperID is downloaded. Each week, a notification tells parents to share photos with DiaperID to check their baby's liver health at the right time in a simple way.


When parents came with a newborn baby, they scan the baby's QR code from the yellow book as a healthcare provider's perspective. After that, they can take a stool photo of the baby or get a photo from parents and send it to DiaperID. If the baby stool is strange, DiaperID connects to a center for pediatric hepatology.

Business model canvas

Roadmap for launch







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