We need to think about the Q.

Interaction design

When we meet a new person, we want to know more about this person. To be blunt, the actual question, which would be suitable for this purpose, is “Who are you?”. However, we commonly ask, “Where are you from?”. This question wants to know more about our origin. Is this the right question to explain ourselves? This is a game to rethink our common questions. All the questions in the game are taken from actual conversations.

Bachelor thesis at HTW Berlin


Conception, creation prototypes, web design



Interview and research

Interviews with people, who have uncomfortable experiences with this question. Further research based on literature and media.

Design can change people: How can we rethink about this Q.?

How can we put ourselves in their shoes and get some empathy from people who have uncomfortable experiences with this question? I ideated an interactive storytelling game, based on actual stories from interviews and research. I created corresponding virtual personas with the gathered stories.
These personas will chat with users and give interactive feedback.


I want that the user should not see a person by the characteristics of the ethnicity, which is our prejudice based on our experience. Therefore, characters should have no specific characteristics of ethnicity but be diverse and have strong individuality. For this reason, each character has the same shapes of eyes and mouth.
There are only differences in hairstyles and the colors of skin, eyes, and hair.


After finishing the design prototype, I coded a website with voice and animation effects.

Although I didn’t need to create a live website, I wanted to do that to share and show my idea to others.

Feel free to visit the website. If you would like to know more about the bachelor thesis, I can send you my bachelor thesis as a PDF.







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